Best Animation Software

If you are new to animation, everything may seem difficult and overwhelming. In fact, the situation gets even worse if you consider real-time animation. However, as you get familiar with this field, you will get to know about a number of different solutions. There are many effective tools you can use for animation. In this site, we are discussing the best animation software you can easily find online.

3ds Max

This tool includes rendering and 3D modeling software. There many features including Mental Mill technology, Graphite texturing and modeling system, character animation software, Biped toolset, animation through inverse kinematics and skeletons, 2D modeling tools, Mental Ray renderer and advanced motion programs. It can be bought for $3495.


This tool consists of 3D animation, modeling, visual effects and rendering software. This tool offers many exciting features including polygon texture editing, camera tracking, Trax non-linear animation, NURBS modeling, resampling, motion capture, Soft and Rigid body dynamics and more. This one is also priced at $3495.


This one is a character animation tool. It allows you to create real-time animation quickly. You can build characters with kinematics and skeletons. It is one of the best animation software offering many different kinds of motion editors. Other features include formation of detailed, textured characters, multiple-character support, optimization, multi-threading and more. It can be bought for $3995.

Craft Director Studio

This tool is used by animators to enhance the capabilities of numerous software like SoftImage and Maxon Cinema 4D. It allows you to use these software in real-time. Craft Director Studio is based on autonomous control systems and artificial intelligence. You can also save a lot of your time with automatic keyframing. A real-time physics engine also improves the quality of your animations. Single modules can be bought from $129 to $1199. You can buy bundles from $986 to $5099.

DX Studio

DX Studio is an excellent real-time animation tool. If you are looking for something affordable, this will be your best choice. This tool includes an extensive suite of various editing tools. Some of these also allow real-time editing. It also provides a real-time rendering engine. Besides 3D and 2D real-time editor, this tool also supports a scripting and programming framework. This tool is priced at $409.

Messiah Studio

Messiah Studio has won many awards for its excellent rendering and animation application. You can buy the professional edition for $599. It has been used in many big-budget movies like Hellboy, Ghost Rider and Harry Potter series. If you are looking for something more affordable, you can buy the basic edition at $399. This tool has some of the best motion capture capabilities. The render combined ray-tracing and scanline technologies.

iClone 4

Those who are looking for something cheap yet effective, don’t need to look any further than iClone 4. This tool is priced at just $199.95. iClone 4 offers drag and drop’ quick editing. You can also edit every object individually on-screen. You can simply bring real-life actors to the application and create animation.


At just $299, Kinemac is the best animation software for Mac OS X. With Kinemac, you can easily drag movies, text and songs to integrate them with your creations. You can apply text and movies to objects like spheres, cubes, tubes, cylinders, pipes and so on. You can easily create animations with keyframes.


These were some of the best animation software you can easily find on the Internet. They can help you polish your skills to become an expert animator.


Which animation program is right for you?

We asked 100 animators their opinion on their favorite animation program and received greatly varied responses. It appears that each individual has their preferences according to the job at hand. We must factor in the fact that most animators use multiple programs everyday depending on what they are trying to accomplish. Many of these professionals have had extensive computer animation training and have overcome the learning curve that beginners face. Some of these artists went to great animation schools whereas some are self taught through animation courses and continued education through software tutorials and industry forums and trends.  When it comes to finding the best animation program, you must first ask yourself ‘how far do I really want to take this pursuit’. Some prefer to keep their craft a hobby and some will take it to the next level. Animation is an extremely rewarding field, however many people are simply not cut out for it. Addiction and immersion are two words that come up when speaking to some animation artists. We often feel that we must constantly hone our craft…which is great, but can lead to periods of burnout or ‘animation block’ – a common issue among many types of artists like comedians, musicians, and writers. With all that said, there are really good animation programs out there for everyone from pion to pixar.  Begin or improve your demo reel when we post the results of these program rankings in the next few days. Check them out and decide for yourself what will work best for you!

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