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Finding and Using the Best Cartoon Maker Software

For anyone interested in making a cartoon, modern cartoon maker software has made the process easier than ever before. In the past if you wanted to make a cartoon you would have to go through the painstaking process of hand drawing thousands of images. In recent years advances in computer power and software has made what was once an incredibly time consuming process into something that individuals can do from their homes. Since cartoon maker software has made the process easier, the key to creating a successful cartoon is to be creative. You need to create a cartoon that is not only of great quality, but that also stands out from the crowd so that it gets noticed. The first thing you need when you want to make a cartoon is a unique and interesting idea. Once you have this, you need to decide if you want to create a 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional cartoon.
2D cartoons are probably going to be the easier type of cartoon to produce up front. One of the most popular cartoon makers available is a program called Crazy Talk. Crazy Talk Animator 2 allows you to draw, color and animate all in one program. The biggest advantage of using a program like this, is that it gives you a lot of creative power. Since you have the ability to draw individual frames you can really put a lot of detail into your cartoon. However this same capability can be a drawback since it can be extremely time consuming. If you are looking for a faster option then using Adobe Flash is a great choice for you. Adobe Flash uses vector based graphics that you can manipulate instead of having to redraw multiple frames. This allows you to create a cartoon much faster, but it does so by sacrificing some of the uniqueness that you can get by drawing each frame.
The other option you have if you want to create a cartoon is to use 3 dimensional modeling and animation software. 3d animation software will require a lot more work up front, but over the long term it can be a faster option. With 3d animation you will be building models, creating an armature and rig to control them, setting up lighting, adding texture maps, and then animating. If this sounds like a lot of work, it’s because it is. However once you have your models built, textured, and rigged then the animation process is much less time consuming that drawing individual frames. We will dive into great 3D options next.

If you are interested in 3d animation then as always, you need to find the right software. For creating organic models  you can do an easy google search to find open source programs. Some of these are highly intuitive and when using them you are basically sculpting into digital clay. Once you have your models sculpted you can use another free program called Blender to add textures, rigging, and then animate them. Although Blender can have a high learning curve, it’s features and capabilities are comparable to high end commercial software.
If you want to create your own cartoon finding the right cartoon maker software is only the first step in the process. The greatest tool in the world will be useless to you unless you have the skills to use it, and a worthwhile idea to start with. Even most of the professionals on our team take advantage of video tutorials to stay abreast with general software functionality and expert tips and tricks that can save MANY hours of time. Most recommend video software tutorials like Lynda which comes via monthly subscription, but a more cost effective way is through Cartoon Smart’s ‘pick your price’ tutorials where you can pay as little as .99 cents per lesson or a one-time fee for every tutorial training in their arsenal. These are really cool because you can watch them over and over again until you have mastered each step before you move on. Taught there are some of the top cartoon software platforms like Maya and Adobe.

Before you begin the process of using cartoon maker software to make your own cartoon you need to take the time to brainstorm and come up with a great idea. Ask yourself important questions. What type of message do you want your cartoon to convey? If your cartoon is being used to promote your business make sure that it has a message that is easily understood. Are your characters unique? What are their personalities? Do they have an appearance that sets them apart from other cartoon characters? Once you have answered these questions then you can move on to other issues. You need to decide if you want to create a 2d or a 3d cartoon. Once these questions are all answered you can begin work on your cartoon and start to bring your creative vision to life. Remember that finding the right cartoon maker software is only the first step in the creative process, using it to create something unique and memorable will be up to you.

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